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Project list

2018    Competition School Complex in San Benedetto dei Marsi  
2017    Competition elementary school, Meinier, CH  
2017    Competition elementary school, Riccione  
2017    Competition extension museum "Palazzo Diamanti", Ferrara  
2017    Competition new school complex, Cugy, CH  
2017    Saya Park Entrance, Daegu, Korea  
2016    Competition "Bunker" in South Korea  
2016    Art Center in South Korea  
2016    Competition School Complex in Fribourg  
2016    Competition School Complex in Chamoson  
2016    Competition School Complex, Ardon  
2016    Villa General Cantore - built  
2015    Competition "Bivacco Fanton", Marmarole Belluno  
2015    Saya Park Entrance, Daegu, Korea  
2015    Competition "Site Museum", Portugal  
2015    Garden Pavillion, Daegu, South Korea  
2015    Competition "Nuova sede aziende industriali", Mendrisio, CH  
2015    Competition School Complex in Tesserete, CH  
2015    Competition "Swimming Pool", Locle, CH  
2015    Swimming pool in Saint-Prex, Swizzerland  
2014    Competition "Foxtown Restyling", Mendrisio CH  
2014    Competition "Scuola a Vado Ligure", Savona  
2014    Competition "Centro Civico", Milano Porta Nuova  
2014    Competition "Cavalcavia Bussa", Milano Porta Nuova  
2014    Competition "LC 50 Cassina", Milano  
2013    House on a river, Korea  
2013    Competition School complex in Arbon, CH  
2013    Competition School complex at Port, CH  
2013    Competition School complex at Bagnes, CH  
2013    Competition Parking building in Murten, CH  
2013    Competition Glentleiten Museum in Germany  
2012    JC House, Zagarolo, Rome  
2012    Competition Two squares on Ex-Enel area, Milan  
2012    Competition Townhall in Rodano  
2012    Competition Swiss embassy in Seoul  
2012    Competition two bridges on Naviglio Grande in Milan  
2012    Competition National University Library in Lubjana  
2012    Competition EXPO 2015 Service buildings - 1°prize  
2012    Competition Bavarian Museum in Regensburger, Germany  
2011    Competition Nursery school in Berna, CH  
2011    "Competition Masons’ School Complex ""Cittadella dell'edilizia"" in Como, 1°prize"  
2011    Competition Ca' Pozzi housing settlement  
2010    Via Garofalo apartment  
2010    Public kennel in Monza - built  
2010    Competition High educational school in Friburgo, CH  
2010    Competition District civic centre in Lille, France  
2010    Competition Administrative centre in GEneve, CH  
2010    AG House, Corezzana  
2009    Residential tower in via Novara, Milan  
2009    Logistics settlement in Fino Mornasco  
2009    Competition School complex in Berna, CH  
2009    Catering building at La Maddalena G8 – partially built  
2008    Tower for Moris elevators  
2008    Residential settlement in Brebbia  
2008    Competition ETH student housing in Zurich, CH  
2008    Competition Barrack in Herisau, CH  
2007    Rain-hail, Pukhet – partially built  
2007    Naples Forum 2013 - workshop  
2007    IperBrianza Housing – partially built  
2007    House for a director - built  
2007    G125 apartment in Milan - built  
2007    Competition School complex in Bern CH  
2007    Competition Housing Ex Polyclinic in Perugia  
2007    Competition Europan 9, CH  
2007    Competition School complex in Lipomo, Como  
2007    Competition Diocesan Museum extension, Milan  
2007    Competition A sport hall in Chiasso, CH  
2006    Level 4 Global city - Workshop  
2006    Competition Regensburger cultural centre, Germany  
2006    Competition Housing Bruennen-nord, CH - 1°prize  
2006    Alvaro Siza Exhibition, Muvim, Valencia, Spain - built  
2005    House in Besana Brianza  
2005    Competition School in Vň di Brendola  
2005    Competition Trento e Trieste square in Monza  
2005    Competition New school complex in Esine  
2005    Competition Aler housing, Milan  
2005    Competition A square in Olgiate Comasco  
2004    Secondary school in Capiago Intimiano  
2004    Public kennel in Monza (unbuilt project)  
2004    House at Lipari, Eolian Islands  
2004    Competition Santa Marinella townhall  
2004    Competition RIBA centre for architecture in London  
2004    Competition Library in Emilia  
2004    Competition Campus Licei in Schio  
2003    ST House in Barlassina - built  
2003    SS36 Office centre Valassina - built  
2003    Competition Multifunctional building in Padua  
2003    Competition Europan 7 Monza  
2003    Competition Department centre in Milan  
2002    two duplex apartmens in via Bramante, Milan  
2002    Competition Sport centre Tadesia  
2002    Competition School complex in Capiago Intimiano - 1°prize  
2002    Competition Primary school in Revň  
2002    Competition Pool at Lido di Caldaro  
2002    Competition Busan Tower complex, Korea  
2001    Stand Gutter - built  
2001    House on Orta's lake  
2001    Francesco Molteni apartment - built  
2001    Competition Pool in the Rural Park in Lissone  
2001    Competition Multifunctional building in Savona  
2001    Competition Multifunctional building in Cernusco Lombardone  
2001    Competition Infopoint for XX Triennale di Milano  
2000    River Arno's trace in Gallarate  
2000    Residential unit in Carimate  
2000    Outdoor pool US Folgore in Verano  
2000    Luca Lattanzi apartment in Milan - built  
2000    Competition Public space in Albairate  
2000    Competition Canton Grigioni Regional centre CH  
2000    Competition A church in Bergamo  
2000    5 Houses in Barlassina  
1999    House in Santa Margherita Ligure - built  
1999    House extension in Zoccorino  
1999    Damiani Headquarters in Milano  
1999    Damiani Headquarters in Lugano, CH  
1999    Concept for Damiani flag stores  
1999    Competition School in Bressanone  
1999    Competition New Townhall in Seregno - 1°prize  
1999    Competition Library in Casalecchio di Reno  
1999    Competition Casa del Fascio Terragni in Lissone - 1°prize  
1998    Nino Galbiati apartment - built  
1998    Competition Piazza Maggiore in Mondově  
1998    Competition Parking and place in Premana  
1998    Competition Europan 5, NL  
1997    La Barceloneta Urban plan, Spain  
1997    House in Verano Brianza  
1997    Competition Public spaces at Sallent, Spain  
1997    Competition Cultural centre at Monzon, Spain  
1996    Project for Athens  
1996    House Barzaghi 2  
1996    House Barzaghi 1  
1996    Competition cultural centre in Valladolid  
1996    Competition cultural event centre in Matadepera  
1994    Mulfunctional complex, Porto - Andrea Liverani thesis  
1994    Interchange Sea station, Lisbon  
1994    Aarhus waterfront, Denmark - Enrico Molteni thesis